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One of the first whistleblower lawsuits was fought here. In 1983, the Texas Legislature passed one of the first laws to protect public employees who reported violations of law.

Hearing on Contempt Charges

Compt of Court Charges resulted in the arrest of Cameron County Commissioner D.J. Lerma and Chief Deputy Sherriff Carlos Tapia.

Lerma Contempt Charge

A contempt of court charge files agains Cameron County Commissioner D.J. Lerma was thrown out by State District Judge Vernon Harville.

Contempt Charges Dropped

A visiting judge will hold a hearing on contempt of court charges which resulted in the Monday arrests of Cameron County Commissioner D.J. Lerma and Chief Deputy SHerriff Carlos Tapia.

Landmark Case

A ground breaking case involving the "Whistleblower" act.

El Rrun Rrun

Noe Robles Candidacy evokes fond courtroom memories

County Settles Suit

Two county court-at-law judges who sued the Cameron County Commissioners Court over funding of staff positions in their courts came out winners.

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Case Highlights

City of Brownsville v. PeNa
  • August 29, 1986
A ground breaking court "whistlelower" lawsuit case
Contempt of Court
  • March 29, 1988
Contempt of court charges were filed against County Commisioner DJ Lerma.

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